Content Marketing Team

We have a dynamic team of writers and marketers at GrapheinCreek. From young marketers to industry veterans with years of experience in reading, writing, and life in general. It's a long journey ahead, but we have a great team! 

Athouba S

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Athouba enjoys the process of breaking down complex technical details into simple easy to read content. Adept at research and content creation, he also enjoys the nitty-gritty of languages. 


A teacher by profession and writer by choice, Athoibi enjoys the process of creating organic content to help businesses scale. Apart from writing, she also creates small videos, gifs, and social media content to help engage with the right audiences.



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When you read Cindy's articles, you;ll know why she often quotes "If you have to be a writer, you must do two things above all: Read a lot and write a lot" - Stephen King. Her writing, editing, and content marketing skills are crisp, simple, and user oriented. 


Elven is 66, and age is just a number for him. He is an avid reader and is adept at writing great quality articles. His professional background revolves around sheet metal engineering and industrial ceramics. GrapheinCreek is his second innings, and he's loving it!

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Cluffy is a housewife, mother, and a full time teacher to her son - Jaden. She enjoys writing easy to read, understand, and simple content. In her free time, she loves to bake every now and then.

Our Team

We have a mixed of experience here at Graphein Creek. There's experienced writers and new writers who are learning and exploring the art and power of content writing. We work as a team to explore, learn, and implement great content with every opportunity that we get. 

We believe that every client, product, services, and marketing strategy is different. It will be presumtous on our part to call ourselves 'perfect writers' but we take pride in calling ourselves 'result-oriented' and conversion-driven writers and marketers.

Experienced Content Creators and marketers