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Content Marketing: Trying to Look Beyond COVID-19

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Talk about COVID and the idea of “uncertainty” definitely follows. One moment everything seemed to be alright and boom...the corona outbreak changed everything. Well...who would’ve thought earlier this year that one day toilet paper will take precedence over a loaf of bread. It will be interesting to see if a 50/50 chance will be replaced by a 20/20 chance when talking about “uncertainty.”

It’s interesting to note that just a few months before the corona outbreak, research industries predicted the content marketing industry to achieve a growth of $296 billion in the years 2020 to 2024.

COVID-19 Impact on Content Marketing

It is sad to see that industries such as travel, hospitality, airlines, automobiles, manufacturing, construction have faced a major brunt of the impact of this global pandemic. Content marketing industry also faces a daunting task ahead...making the businesses realize the importance of content. In the last few months, several content marketers have lost jobs, projects, and some agencies have experienced major setbacks.

On the other hand, there are many businesses that realize the role content plays to stay ahead of the competitive curve. It’s not too bad at the moment, but the content marketing industry still faces a daunting task ahead. Here’s some of the challenges we think exist out there.

  • Businesses are pulling back their marketing strategy

  • Pandemic “uncertainty” makes it challenging to plan

  • Many decision makers are fighting fire like situation

  • We all are facing a challenge that we have never handled before

There’s a long list of problems we could talk about, but it is best to look for solutions at the moment. Looking beyond a problem is easier said than done, but here are some of the ways that we think will help businesses continue in their path to success.

Content Marketing Beyond COVID

As our title specifies, we are just trying to see beyond COVID-19, and in no way are we trying to predict what the future holds in content marketing.

Arduous Buyer Journey: As it is, convincing a user to buy a product requires a lot of work. Now with the uncertainty settling in, the buyer will need more compelling reasons to invest in a product, business, services...or anything that needs investment. Buyer will need to be 100% sure before investing in anything that is just a want...and not a need. (well, in many cases even the needs will be closely looked at)

Content creators face an arduous task to work their magic with the words. Converting prospects with compelling content writing will need a lot more efforts than pre-covid.

New Norms: No human on this earth can be certain about when the COVID crisis will end. However, we can be certain that once done, the norms will change. What we consider as normal today will change post the pandemic, and this also includes thinking patterns. The wealth of data that exists today of buying patterns, selling techniques, user experience...and so on, is based on years of settled human behavior. During and post COVID we can expect things to much will it impact? Well, the experts will have a go at it, but it seems like the new norms will be different than the existing.

Content marketing agencies will need to invest their time and resources in understanding the new norms before establishing the appropriate strategies that will work.

Digital Bandwagon: During the pandemic, the internet usage has surged to new heights in most developed countries. People have started to consume a lot more digital content in the forms of videos, podcasts, books, blogs, and so on. With a limited physical association, a lot of zoom parties have increased. Virtual world seems to be more real now than it was ever in the past. With millions of people on the digital bandwagon, what can the content markets look forward to?

There are more opportunities to create unique and compelling content that users will love to consume. Content creators can jump on the digital bandwagon so to speak, and create informative and interesting content for users.

Personalized and Targeted: People have a lot of time on hand, but there is still no time for generalities when it comes to content. Most people are working from home if their job allows this flexibility, and many use mobile phones. With the advanced tools and digital solutions at hand, content will need to be more personalized and targeted towards the audience so that nothing is left for them to guess.

There is a wide array of things that will help create effective content post the covid crisis. It is crucial that the content creators observe the trends and take proactive steps to create meaningful content. Technology advancements in VR, AR, AI, and other such domains are helping businesses to provide immersive experience to their clients, and post COVID, there will be many more advancements that will help in creating compelling content.

Are you a business owner looking for compelling content? We look forward to talking with you and building long term business relationships.

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